Monday, September 03, 2007

"di nagmamatter kung andito sha o wala. ang nagmamatter, kung anjan ba sha o wala." (points to boyfriend's heart)--garibinks, september 3, 2007, sa kahabaan ng dela fuente st.

we finished setting up the exhibit today. i spent the rest of the afternoon talking to my friends and reading pam's "break-up diaries" book. i was supposed to spend my afternoon at boyfriend's dorm kaso dumating daw ang tatay niya so i had to stay in school muna.

i really wanted to read "break-up diaries" again when i broke up with boyfriend. i just wanted to find out if i would get a different feeling after reading the book because i can now relate to her(Monica, the lead character of the story) situation. i only got to borrow the book from pam last saturday which ironically was also the same day boyfriend and i got back together. it doesn't make sense to read the book again but im reading it because it's light reading and im entertained. i miss my own copy. hahaha bakla ung "break-up diaries" ko nasan na?:P

it's funny when i think about it. i can actually come up with really cheesy lines at the cheesiest moments. oh my god, pag nagtally siguro ako ng mga nasabi ko nang baduy lines, tae mapupuno ko na ung isang sketchpad. katawa lang kasi in a day palang, super dami na. at ako pa mismo ang nagaassume na baduy yun nasabi ko at that very moment. siraulong bata ako hahaha. gaga ako...

but nevertheless, i still know what i want in a relationship. i want someone who makes me feel loved. i know i liked being in a relationship because i love who im with and not because i just like being in a relationship. it will never be for the sake of being in one. but sometimes, we become human when we think of what's in it for us, which i think is not bad at all. shempre, if you've been hurt so many times, you will want an assurance that you will not get hurt again. it's a part of loving. kung di ka nasaktan, then it is possible that you have not loved that person at all.

OKAY I AM SO CHEESY. gagawa na nga ako ng thesis.

basta nilecturan ko kasi si boyfriend kanina e. mejo nagspiel ako tungkol sa mga bagay na gusto ko at ayaw ko sa relationship namin. sabog lang talaga ung araw ko ngayon. naipasa ko tuloy sa iba. hay.


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