Tuesday, September 18, 2007

we fought today because i refused to do a favor for him. oo na it sounds unfair but i have reasons why i didn't do what he asked me to do. unang una, may class ako dun sa oras na pinapupunta niya ako kay dean. pangalawa, he wants me to go to dean to ask him to sign his shell form then go to the 5th floor to submit his work. e kamon, why should i do that for him e trabaho niya yon and it won't hurt to wait for at least 2 more hours for dean to arrive. e kasama naman niya ako. nakakainis lang. he always asks me to do things for him tapos when it's my turn to ask for favors he begs off. bwisit na boyfriend talaga. sa totoo lang, nagiguilty ako for not doing the favor and for not being nice about it. part of me wants him to realize na it doesn't have to be me all the time. minsan he has to do things for me too. gusto ko din malaman niya how it feels when he turns down my favors. kupal na kung kupal but that's the way i feel. apparently, he doesn't see things my way so he's still mad at me. ayaw magreply. o well. i think i've said sorry for like 5 times or so. tama na. i meant my apology and i explained why i acted irrationally na. hirap sa kanya, mas malandi pa sha sakin pag nagagalit sha. natitiis niya talaga ako maghapon. minsan nga buong gabi pa. o well, some people just get sick of getting angry so i might as well let him be. he will eventually get tired of being pissed at me. besides, fall out boy na sa thursday. kung galit sha sakin, he might as well go alone. im broke anyway.

excited nako sa studio tour tomorrow. putek di ako papalate. hahaha watch me clap on boy and kris. HAHAHA

i miss pam. :(

para sumaya naman ako, survey! hehe

1.What's your style of dressing?
~ most of the time im pretty laid back. im more of the plain tee and jeans person.

2.The ring tone on ur cell phone is?
~ woo hoo from the kill bill movie

3.How do u usually answer the phone?
~ hello tapos sweet hehe. pag mainit ulo, hello na burat.

4.What's ur motto?
~forgive but don't forget. chorva.

5.People would describe your laugh as?
~ para daw ako nauubo sabi ni kuya.

6.At the movies, or reading books,
youprefer love story or comedy?
~ i like both e

7.are you crushing on anybody rightnow?
~ yes. :)

8.does she/he knows that you
~ i think so because i viewed his multiply and im pretty sure he thinks i like him. hahaha

9.what's the most important thing in
~ trust, compromise and love. yiiiiiiih

10.what's the most important
thing in your
~ hmm my future.

11.what do you fear the most?
~ flying ipis

12.what would you do if someone admit
he/she likes you?
~ pag gusto ko din sha, i will let him know. kung di ko sha like in the same way.. e sorry friends lang.

13.does your partner have to be
a convertible and looks?
~ not really. im not particular with looks.

14.your blind date is wearing sandal
with socks, what do u think?
~ ay lolo haha

15.u easily get attracted to the
opposite sex because of their?
~ sense of humor and their ability to hold a good conversation.

16.what is your ideal career?
~working at an agency.

17.on a typical saturday morning do u
~ yep

18.do you gossip too much?
~ hahaha who doesn't?

19.your best friend just
what do you do?
~ hmm... it happened. i felt bad pero eventually ok narin because i love my bestfriend more than my crush so it wasn't an issue anymore.

20.would you ever spread rumor about
your best friend?
~ no way.

21.what's your favorite television
~ grey's anatomy

23.what's your favorite color?
~ yellow

24.do you play sports?
~ no. i suck at it.

25.what's your favorite subject in
~ recess.gasgas na haha.

26.what will you do if a hot but not so
intelligent girl/boy talks to u?
~ usap lang naman e. e di ok lang hehe.

27.what are u doing right now?
~ answering this.

28.Who do u share your secrets with?
~ hmm. it depends on how important that secret is.kung major secret, i keep it to myself. if it's not major, i tell my bestfriend.

29.Current line of a song stuck in ur
- gimme gimme more.

30.Status? available?
~ in a relationship.

(9:49 PM)

friends come and go. it's a fact of life we should all get used to. but when you lose a friend whom you love dearly for reasons you really cannot avoid, it just gets to you.

pam is one of the people i love dearly and it's sad that she had to move to a place far away. we joked about it, how she would just send us her pictures via e-mail with captions that mentioned something about her being a milkmaid and a shepherd in new zealand. nakakatawa talaga kasi pag sinasabi naming new zealand, may humihirit ng birch tree. sa totoo lang, natatawa parin ako pag naiisip ko yung birch tree. anyway, pam left today. i got her last text message at 4 in the morning. i felt bad because for some reason i don't know, di lang talaga ako nagising. kung nagising lang ako, i would have called her before she left. nakakainis lang. sana lang nagising ako.

im sad that pam left but im pretty sure i really didn't lose a friend because as far as i know, pam will always be my friend and no matter how far she is, she will be there for me in the way she knows how. ganun si pam. she may not be around all the time but she makes it a point na pag kailangan sha, she's there to help somehow. waaaah pampot ngayon palang namimiss na kita. :( i do hope things work out well for her and her family.

huhu i miss you pam. :(

hello ♥boyfriend. :)

(12:19 AM)