Friday, February 16, 2007

gari is a stitch bitch.


yey at last my creation has been completed...i've stitched everything in place. the prints on the shirt are already attached and im just looking for other minor details to fix. ang saya lang because today is the day i see my litol creation on the catwalk. yes i know it's a simple and typical design but that's just me. gusto ko kasi ung wearable tlga. something that's everyday wear. ayoko naman gumastos on something that's good for a one time use. sayang ang pera. mahirap kami ngayon. besides simple ako kaya simple din ang design. ok fine im not going to make any more excuses because i know fashion design is definitely not my cup of tea.

im supposed to be typing the radio script right now but because im so freaking tired from sewing the whole night(yes from sana maulit muli up to late night with conan o brien), i'd rather relax for a few minutes.


i was about to give up and say that yesterday's valentines day was the worst valentine's day in my life when someone texted me a happy valentine greeting and just made my day. huhuhu why of all the people did it have to be you? actually ok lang. it was the only greeting that made me smile yesterday. technically it was the last greeting i got that qualified as a valentine's day greeting dahil ung next greeting na nakuha ko past 12 na. okay im being stupid.(ganto ung mga bagay na pinaguusapan namin ni mat dati na walang kabuluhan.) wala lang. si boy sungit di tlga ako binati. e si mark bautista binati ako. wala lang it just felt good because it i didn't expect it at all. shet fine oo na kinilig ako no. ang chaka ko talaga. im sorry i just can't help it. i was ready to drown myself in sadness dahil di ako pinayagan kumain sa labas kasama si erik(friend ni espi who asked me out;not that i like him or something.gusto ko lang tlga lumabas nung valentines.gurang nako's about time.)e tapos nakahiga nako sa bed nagmumunimuni dahil nalulungkot ako when all of a sudden nakatanggap ako ng txt at yun na......thanks. you made my day.:)

haha im so weird. ang babaw ko.


mas mabuti pa siguro kung magpakumbaba nalang kapag mali. :|

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