Monday, October 01, 2007

1. Do you think you will be in a
relationship 3 months from now?
~ i hope i will still be

2. What color are your eyes?
~ brown

3. What's the last thing someone said
to you?
~ naiwan ko sa school bukas na

4. What does your last text say?
~ san ka na?

5. What is the total call time on your
~ ?

6. What messaging system do you use?
~ ym

8. When is the last time you cursed?
~ a few minutes ago

9. Do you have a dog? named?
~ no

10. What is the last item you gave
~ egg pie

11. Do you own a stereo that cost more
than $100?
~ wala akong stereo

12. What is one thing you question?
~ trust

13. Where do you see yourself in 4
~ nasa ahensya

14. Do you lead people on?
~ no because i don't like to be led on too.

15. Have you ever hiked up a mountain?
~ yes

16. Do you remember singing any songs
as a kid?
~ a bunch

17. Are you married?
~ no

18. When was the last time you talked
to one of your siblings?
~ kanina lang

19. Are you the oldest of your
~ no

20. Who are you talking to right now?
~ No one.

21. Have you ever told someone of the
opposite sex you loved them and meant
~ of course

23. Would you like to live in New York
~ yes

24. Is there anyone that doesn't like
you because of something you didn't
even do?
~ siguro...

25. Do you miss someone?
~ a lot of people

26. Do you think they miss you too?
~ e siguro

26. Will you ever speak to them again?
~ of course i will...

27. What would you do if you saw
your ex walking down the street?
~ wala pa naman akong ex ulet hehe

28. What would you do if you found out
you had an identical twin?
~ matatawa ako.

29. If your crush asked you out right
now, what would you do?
~ come on let's go!

30. When is the last time you laughed?
~ kanina

31. Have you ever been in a museum?
~ yes

32. What does your mom call you?
- maita

35. Has anyone told you that they like
you more than a friend?
~ yes

36. How old are you?
~ 20

37. Do you plan to go to college?
~ im graduating from college

38. What are you doing tomorrow?
~ go to school

39. What did you do yesterday?
~ edited a video

40. What have you eaten today?
~ a bunch of stuff

(11:51 PM)

i am so tired. sabi ko matutulog ako when i get home e di pako pwede matulog kasi di ko alam kung pinayagan nakong matulog kela jeka. parang tanga lang. my dad still doesn't like the idea na natutulog ako sa bahay ng iba because of this boyfriend thing that happened last summer. i don't even know what the heck is wrong with that. pucha di naman ako nabuntis e. wala lang. di naman ako naiinis kasi di ako madalas mgovernight sa ibang bahay. hirap lang ako kapag kasi kelangan na ayaw pakong payagan. ewan bahala na si batman.


ikaw. ano ka ba..?!? :S

(10:36 PM)