Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i dunno if im just sleepy or it's my bad eye that's getting to me. ewan puta di ko alam bakit nagkaroon ako ng ganitong trahedya sa mata ko. bwisit. my right eyelid is swollen. i don't know how i got it or how it even happened. ewan tangena. as far as i can remember, i saw a roach inside my closet. i found a way to get it out and yes i did get it out. mejo shempre kasama nanaman ung mga sigaw ko na may mura. tangena i hate roaches. i am terrified of roaches. ayoko talaga putangina. i despise roaches. e anyway, nakatakas sha. di ko alam bakit namamaga mata ko. sinumpa siguro ko nung hayop na yon. or worse baka nakagat ako ng ipis sa mata. huhuhu d ko matatanggap un.

di pa nakakarecover. kagabi lang ako nakatulog ulet. i spent my monday night slaving over a stupid 2.5 worthy plate, accdg to my prof's standard of grading. i don't want to go all bitter but i can't help but be pissed. i worked hard on that plate. tinamad nalang ako nung wee hours of the morning pero it's still line of 1 worthy. sino ba di tatamarin. di nako natulog para lang matapos un. anyway im posting the picture soon because i'm proud of that plate. it's just annoying to see your efforts go down the drain.naiinis ako kasi alam kong meron lang nagcomputer ng work nila tapos pinatungan ng paint. i slaved over that stupid plate. every bit of it. i know i sound like im bragging pero proud ako na pinaghirapan ko yon. i used to be the person who just settles for mediocre work. im not like that anymore. naramdaman ko na kasi how it feels like to be given fitting credit for the kind of work i've done. i know that i can get high grades because i know i have the capacity. it's just sad to see people get something higher than i what i got dahil nangdaya sila. anyway, ayoko nang mainis. babawi ako dun sa next. i'd rather not ask the prof why he gave me just that. ipprove ko nalang na it was a mistake to give me a low grade by passing something smashing next meeting...kakayanin ko to. kayaaaaaaa.

sige na maliligo nako dahil obviously late nanaman ako sa 11am class ko. hehehe.:P

(10:43 AM)