Saturday, August 04, 2007

the "non-sleeping habits" are not doing me any good. i have this feeling my blood pressure is low. ang weird no, i write a lot lately. i guess this is a way for me to release stress aside from smoking and eating. i miss not having anything to do. nakakainis lang na sumasabay pa sa thesis ang plate at ang paglayas ng maid.tanginang maid yan. i'll probably be too tired to do anything when i get home but i will have to work my ass off with the household chores. ewan pagsubok lang siguro. ok lang naman lumayas ung maid, as long as she doesn't tell my mom ex-boyfriend visited me in our house one day. kahit walang hanky panky na naganap, im sure my mom will take it differently because i told them he had the cake delivered pero he delivered it himself. e anyway, sana di niya ako ichoochoo. putangina naman kung ngayon pako mahuhuli e wala na kami. pfft.

(10:24 PM)

starting today, i will work on the chapter 1 of my thesis. no more hanky panky and slacking off. kelangan ko na magstep up. working non-stop actually helps me not to think about him, which is good because last week, it's the exact opposite. i couldn't get anything done because i was too sad and i couldn't stop thinking about him. now, i still think about him sometimes but life goes on for me. i was able to finish my petron and my tv i'll be finishing my gondola and my thesis survey. i mean, there's no time to be sad. im just so busy. ewan. busy busyhan. and i've been eating like a pig. i just can't stop eating. probably because of depression but that's good because i will start gaining weight again. actually gusto ko din magparty hehe. i want to dance like no one's watching, something i haven't done in a long time. mangyayari din yan, i can feel it hehehe.

i've been exchanging messages with andy for like a week or something. i feel weird because it's an online thing. pero no doubt, ang pogi niya. naisip ko lang, people put their best pictures online. i know andy and im sure he's good looking because i remember him way back high school days pa. e sha, baka kala niya ang ganda ko just because i look really good in some of my pictures. haha ang di niya alam, im a 20 year old stuck in a 6th grader's body.:P anyway, we'll see what happens.

for the record, he was the one who added me and messaged me first. taray!

i'll get better soon. when that time comes, i will forget all about you.

(5:25 PM)