Sunday, August 19, 2007

today i shall celebrate my 300th blogspot post! hehe

i never thought i would even reach my 300th post using this account. the only reason i made this account is because i wanted to find a way to talk about my feelings for mat without him knowing and that was like, eons ago. anyway, he eventually got a hold of the url,(which is just so like mat) so it really didn't make sense to hide it from him anymore dahil di ko na naman din siya crush at nakamove on nako sa kanya. hehe

somehow, my blogging has become a way for me to gauge whether i have grown as a person. the way i see some things have changed a bit but i guess im still that whiny little kid i always was.

i've constantly written about my never ending pursuit of decent boylets, my silly adventures, my rantings and panlalait, my heartaches and my endless boylet spotting moments. come to think of it, i've written about every single boy i liked until i finally found my very own boyfriend who is now also my ex-boyfriend. galing ano. but surely, my stories won't end here. who knows, maybe tomorrow, i have a new story to tell, a new boy to rave about or maybe...suntok sa buwan, baka ok nanaman kami ulit bukas. hehe. SUNTOK SA BUWAN A!

so far, siguro nga i've grown as a person. i've learned not to underestimate other people's experiences because i have had my own share of experiences too. i always thought my life was boring until i realized that every night, i always have something silly to talk about. my life is not so ordinary after all. chika lang hehe. when i had my "istaaar" livejournal account, it always mattered to me what other people had to say about my kwentos. when i moved to blogspot, i realized na i really don't need to hear what other people say because i can talk about the things that i want and learn from them myself. i really don't mind people commenting on what i say. sakin lang, it just feels good to write what's inside you without having to please anybody. deadma lang talaga. kung nagpatuloy ako sa livejournal, sasama lang ang loob ko kung walang nagcocomment sa sinusulat ko. dito ok ako kasi everything i write is for my eyes only. besides, kung talagang interesado sila sa sinusulat ko, sasadyain nila tong blogspot ko. e yun lang naman.

to you "istaaargazing", happy 300! more colorful stories, hot boylets and silly adventures to come! hehe


sa kabilang dako naman, nagshopping grande ako kanina. i bought a pair of slippers, a pair of party sandals, and two pairs of skinny jeans. ang taray ng lola mo, nagmamayaman. i spent a total of $50, este P2500 kasi na moneychange na hehehe.ever since the break-up, i've done nothing but shop for myself. i already got a haircut and nakabuo nako ng dalawang bagong outfit hahaha. this is probably my way of coping and i can see it's not very good kasi pag wala nakong pera, baka ngumawa nalang ako pag nalungkot nanaman ako hahaha. e yun. im happy i bought a lot of stuff.(marami na para sakin un and mind you, the pants are not cheap. f'g denim un tapos a pair costs like 700 up.)strategic buyer kasi ako. i'd rather buy a lot of reasonably priced items than buy just one expensive item. yun lang, im just happy about this.

a silly thing. i almost made a scene at sm. i saw this huge poster of mark bautista and i just couldn't help but hit the poster like mad. nakakainis. nakakagalit lang. it's like i wanted to so bad to hit eric na nakita ko ung mukha niya kay mark bautista. wala lang. nawirdohan lang si baba sakin hehe.

sasaya din ako ulit. pag nangyari un, pagsisihan niyang di niya ako hinabol, binalikan at minahal sa paraan na karapatdapat para sakin.

(8:30 PM)