Thursday, June 28, 2007

i had my first cup of coffee for the school year.

congratulations to me because i am finally in a thesis mode. the other day, i was considering dropping my thesis subject because i feel i don't have enough drive to push through. feeling ko wala talaga ako sa wisho because it seems like i can't get anything done. sa totoo lang, mas thesis mode pa sakin si boyfriend.

last night, my brother asked me why i haven't been doing anything in days. i just said i had nothing to do yet. the truth is, i wasn't in the mood to do anything else. all i wanted to do was sleep. ang weird. im usually a workaholic person kaya sobrang trahedya sakin na parang feeling ko ayokong gumawa ng kahit ano. anyway, i guess ung pagtataka ng kapatid ko kung bakit wala akong ginagawa ang nagpush sakin na bumalik sa aking usual self.

so my top 3 proposals are:

1. flowers express
2. netopia internet cafe
3. office warehouse

i decided to drop CCA for the total ad category because i feel it's more appropriate for the events category. i'll see how sir feels about what i've chosen. kung makapili na sha jan, then i guess it's goodbye CCA. magcuculinary arts nalang ako after fine arts.


my mom is in her usual drama mode. i try to understand her, really. i just think we all have to move on. i think i already have...

i know i have poor judgment when it comes to people but i guess that's the good thing about me. i'd rather not assume what kind of person you are at the moment so i wouldn't have second thoughts about you anymore. tapos na e. let's all move on. wala lang.


everytime tita annie calls, im rattled. parang feeling ko everytime she calls, binabalita na niya ang mangyayari sa pagpetition niya samin. parang pakiramdam ko pag tumawag sha, tuloy na tuloy na talaga kami sa pagmamigrate. kaloka mehn. major paranoid mode.

(11:34 AM)