Saturday, September 08, 2007

not really.

today we are okay. the next, i really don't know. shet sana tuloy-tuloy na. (pleading.)

we talked on the phone. wala lang, i just thought it was funny. di ko alam pano sha kausapin sa phone because we stopped talking on the phone when he started living at nova and after he moved to francis' dorm. mas gusto ko talaga pag phone. pag text kasi, you really can't tell how the person feels. for all you know, galit na pala yung tao, akala mo nagpapatawa lang. e yun. he's over at his cousin's house kasi birthday daw.

im trying to be a better "me". i do hope he's also trying to be a better "him". i really want this to work. super. risky mag-invest ng pera, pero mas risky kapag feelings ang nakainvest. hehe basta. it's maita talk for "i just picked up a stone and hit myself on the head."

and he's calling me maita, which i find pretty weird. anyway, i will now work on my thesis.

(9:20 PM)