Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Knave of Chalices card reversed suggests that a troubled childhood, being possessive or a lack of or emotional validation could be responsible for hurt feelings or the loss of certain long-held romantic ideals. You could be asking, 'What was I thinking?' or 'Why bother?' If you are caught up in petty quarrels, manipulation or promiscuity, or are feeling defensive, victimized, confused or paralyzed by fear, you may not be able to move forward in your love life or relationship. A heart-to-heart could renew enthusiasm or help you to become emotionally available.

i love grey's anatomy. wala lang. i used to like mer-der but now, i like gizzie better. hehehe tae.

"he loves me too."--izzie

naiinis ako sa video namin kanina. narealize ko parang ang landi ng pagsasalita ko nakakainis. camera shy na ata ako ngayon. hahaha. yak. puta may virus laptop ko.

god knows how hard i am trying to be forget the past. ewan basta masaya kami ngayon. ayoko mag-isip ng mga katangahan kasi ayoko sirain ung harmony between us. right now, im quite sure, "he loves me too." nagkita na kami ulit kanina. parang nakipag-apir sakin si bal tapos sha din pero ung apir niya parang ayaw na niya bitawan ung kamay ko. awwy. shet kinilig hahaha. sorry i am so corny. wala lang. ang sweet lang. i feel like crap for being bratty before we parted.

he loves me too. :)

(11:05 PM)