Thursday, January 03, 2008

hello philippines and hello world.

today i have decided to update my blog on a laptop other than mine and my dad's. unfortunately, my laptop is still ugh down and my brother is hogging my dad's. mejo ngayon nalang ako nagkaroon ng opportunity na mag-update dala narin ng dami ng ginagawa ko for school. christmas break did not feel like christmas break at all because i am so caught up in finishing my ad campaign. to me, my work feels like crap because i crammed and i tried to finish 11 ads, 5 collaterals and 1 tvc in a week. i know im not a professional. the only good thing about this is that i was able to shoot and to edit all in a week's span of time which is, i must say is quite impressive for someone who considers her photoshop-ping and photography skills as basic. ang downside, sobrang burnout nako ngayon and i have this funny feeling i won't be watching PBB tonight because i am so dead tired. malapit na akong magshutdown. buti nalang my class tomorrow is at 1pm. i still have time to sleep like a there's no tomorrow.

haha umabot din pala akong pbb.

i don't like riza. sana si jon nalang ang naiwan. grarr.

(9:15 PM)