Friday, January 27, 2006

god my feet stink. see, this is the consequence of wearing flatshoes without socks. well it's supposed to look girly and at the same time, more comfortable. it's comfortable until it started to get all squishy and stinky inside my shoes. it's the combination of espanya dirt, sweat and rain water which is all present inside my shoes. oo na yucky. wala akong magawa. this means i have to buy footsies next week. i don't want to have stinky shoes and stinky feet forever.

it's almost the end for argel. i don't want to hear anything from him. i just want him to get a taste of his own medicine. im so pissed at him i already wrote it down on lj. i think i've said enough. if he gets to read it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. matigas naman mukha niya di siya tatablan non. he's going to act like he has never read it. anyway he's too stupid to even know how to use the internet. if he finds it, he's destined to read it. kung hindi man, it's too bad. that's a lot of space occupied by words of anger. hahahaha.

anyway, im looking forward to tomorrow. mat and i will be going with kuya and donna to rome's gig. or maybe to marikina shoe expo. whatever's better, we'll just be there. told feli that. but i prefer cubao. hhehehe. ayun. next time.:P

(8:28 PM)