Monday, April 21, 2008

o ha. nakakatype na ang lola mo ng french. tanginang mac nakakagulo ng utak. pag nasanay ako sa gnito baka sa bahay naman ako maguluhan.

i just signed my contract 3 minutes ago. i've been working for 4 days already and still i get this weird feeling. i signed the contract because i needed to but somehow, it doesn't feel right at all. im the kind of person who values commitments, even to those i don't like. i try to think it's for my own good, or should i say my career's own good. i will be working for three months for a company i do not even understand. maybe life is teaching me to value commitment and work more. work is not always supposed to be happy. It's not called work for nothing. maybe i will eventually work for a company i really want, or maybe work for a boss i really want hehe. but for now, im going to stick to this thing called commitment and finish the work i started. hello hongkong, goodbye summit....for now hahaha. :P

birthday ko daw ngayon, ungas nung linggo pa. :P

(2:58 PM)